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Global Declaration on drug policy
by Families and Family Organisations

Families joining across the globe to make a difference on drug policy

Drug policies have caused untold damage to our children and our families

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'Family' includes people related by marriage, biology, or adoption, as well as people related through affection, obligation, dependence, or cooperation

Declaration launched 3 December 2012

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Why this Declaration

Parents, family members and their friends have suffered greatly as a result of the prohibition drug laws and policies. They have borne the brunt of those policies. Family members have died or been murdered, been imprisoned, suffered poor health and denied essential treatment services as a direct or indirect result of those policies. Families as well as their using member have also felt the shame, stigma and marginalisation.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy,, The Vienna Declaration, Australia21, South American leaders and many others have reported the failure of the prohibition policies and are calling for change.

This Declaration is a call for parents, family members and their friends all over the world to come together to insist on better laws and policies to deal with illicit drug issues based on research and evidence. Parents can make a powerful statement on this issue. The voices of parents trying to make a better world for their children need to be heard.

A declaration has been prepared for parents and family members and family oriented organisations to sign. It seeks to introduce better policies and laws that will make our children safer and will offer a helping hand rather than punish and marginalise.

It calls for governments of each country to re-align their drug laws and policies so that human rights are protected, problematic drug use is treated as a health and not a criminal issue, and that policies strengthen the capacity of families struggling with drug issues.

The Declaration also calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to evaluate existing treaties and to promote an international drug control regime that causes the least possible harm.

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